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Our Philosophy

Our goal is simple. It is to provide you the highest quality legal service in a timely manner so that we can get you the best result possible, as quickly as possible. All of us are guided by the following principles:

We are a small firm with big abilities. We have the depth, resources and ability to handle the largest, most complex Consumer Law legal matters. At the same time however, we are not burdened with excessive overhead or needless staff. That means we can charge less than law firms providing similar Consumer Law services. It also means we can respond to your questions and your needs quickly and personally.

The client comes first. We know that our business is helping people. We are committed to prompt, responsive, personal service. We answer our own phones - you will never get a phone recording answering your call - and we don't have use an answering service located in another state. We are local lawyers and we provide legal advice in plain, understandable terms. We are sensitive to your economic needs and can be flexible in billing arrangements. We offer you fee-shifting, contingent or fixed fees where appropriate, and all billing arrangements are explained, discussed and agreed with you before we start to work. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and, by doing so, to develop successful relationships with our clients. At our law firm, we work as a team for you - but you are the most important member of our team.

First, we are deal makers, not deal breakers. If we can settle your dispute for you without having to go to Court, we will. We know many of the business that people deal with every day and if there is a way to settle your dispute without even filing a lawsuit, we will do that. We work to make solutions happen for you, to get rid of your problems.

Second, we are Trial Attorneys. If your case can not be settled, then you will get your day in Court. We will go into a Courtroom and handle a trial, presenting your case to a judge or jury so that you will have your day in Court. You may be surprised to learn that many lawyers do not have any substantial, real Courtroom experience at all. Businesses and their lawyers know what lawyers are the real Trial Attorneys and what ones are not - and you can be sure that has an effect on the settlement offers they make too.

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Third, we don't need a learning curve. We have handled thousands of court cases. We are experienced at what we do. Whether it be in our ability to provide an immediate answer to a problem, recognize important facts and legal issues at the start of a case, or negotiate a proven result, we have the experience and commitment needed to provide you with quality legal services - quickly and cost effectively.

We are trained in the latest dispute resolution techniques. When a client is involved in a dispute with another party, sometimes a lawsuit is the only way, and maybe the best way, to resolve it. Sometimes, though, a good lawyer has to be creative in order to find the best solution. That is why our firm is thoroughly experienced in all methods of alternative dispute resolution. We know the good, the bad, and the ugly of how they work or don't work. We can help you get the best result possible, as quickly as possible - inside the Courtroom or outside of it.

Our philosophy is simple. We work for you. We fight for you. To make your life better. To make your family's life better.

This is what we believe in. This is what we do.

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Known nationwide as a leading Consumer Law attorney, Ronald L. Burdge and his team of legal professionals have represented thousands of consumers in numerous states and actively co-counsels and coaches Consumer Law attorneys nationwide. Free Case Review - Call Us Toll Free 1.888.331.6422 Today or Email Us Right Now

If the manufacturer of your consumer product seems to care more about profit than customer satisfaction, we can help you. It's what we do everyday.

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